The vanguard of supply chain visibility solutions.

Our mission is to revolutionise the logistics industry, and our proprietary suite of products – Leda, TOBE, HUSH, and Rigel – embody our commitment to this cause.

As an industry frontrunner, we empower freight forwarders and shippers to optimise their supply chain operations, curtail costs, and augment efficiency.

We love logistics

At Ceedbox, our mission is to empower our clients to achieve success by providing innovative supply chain visibility solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive growth. We strive to be a trusted partner to our clients, delivering exceptional service and expertise at every stage of their supply chain operations.

Our hand-picked partners share our dedicated client focus, capabilities, and digital integrations, making your global supply chain management easily accessible, agile, and simple. Ceedbox's solutions were originally built for Cardinal and then Woodland. Today, we provide our solutions to clients across the globe, dealing with air, road, and sea freight.

Our team has extensive experience in the FreightTech industry, with expertise in software engineering, logistics, and supply chain management. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and expertise to our clients at every stage of their supply chain operations.

Ceedbox team

Our values

Client Focus.
At Ceedbox, our customers drive our actions. We deliver exceptional service, understanding their unique needs and crafting custom solutions.
Progressive Innovation.
Our success stems from ceaseless innovation. We constantly harness novel technologies, pushing boundaries to enhance our platform and stay ahead.
United Teamwork.
Ceedbox thrives on collaboration. Our team, clients, and partners create synergy, sharing ideas to fuel transformative success.

Awards and Recognition

We are honoured to have received the Logistics Start-up Business of the Year 2022 award. This award is a testament to our commitment to innovation, integrity, and excellence in supply chain visibility solutions. We are grateful to our clients and partners for their continued support and trust in our solutions.

Our team

Meet the Ceedbox squad: a tight-knit group of code wizards, logistics gurus, and industry rockstars, united by one mission: to revolutionize your logistics game. So, stick with us, we promise to make your logistics feel as smooth as your morning coffee!

  • Alex Grant

    Alex Grant

    Managing Director

  • Brian Hay

    Brian Hay

    Co-Founder and Director

  • Kevin Stevens

    Kevin Stevens


  • Callam Smith

    Callam Smith

    Head of Commercial

  • Pietro Battiston

    Pietro Battiston

    Head of Engineering